Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Pantyhose All Weekend
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan walks into her living room, complaining about "casual fridays". She strips off her dark jeans, revealing suntan pantyhose underneath. Removing her button down, she reclines on the couch. It's the weekend now & she can enjoy her pantyhose. She rubs her nylon feet and kicks her legs in the air, enjoying the nylon on her skin. She begins to rub her pussy through the cotton gusset and cums, looking forward to the rest of her weekend.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Masturbation, Orgasms, Jeans Fetish, Solo Female, Pantyhose Masturbation

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9 minutes



The Intern
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine

Odette has come to the city to stay with her big sister, Star, for her summer internship. Star gives her some sisterly advice before she heads to work - appearances are everything & it's important to dress for the job you want. She eyes Odette's outfit critically and suggests she spend her day off putting some expensive office clothes on the credit card.

Odette wanders into her sisters room. She pulls her worn pantyhose and business wear out of the hamper. She sniffs the nylons and blouse before playing dress up. Odette admires herself in the mirror. Her sister's clothes hang off her petite frame.

Odette picks up a business magazine and lies on her sister's bed, repeating phrases from articles like a mantra. She runs her free hand over her nylon legs. Curious, she snoops in Star's dresser drawer and finds her hitatchi. Odette cums in her sister's pantyhose. Feeling successful and ready to conquer the city, Odette changes back into her own clothes, keeping the nylons.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Smell Fetish, Taboo, Pantyhose Masturbation, Secretary, Masturbation

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16 minutes



Star Worships Sovereign
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

I love the feel of a wet mouth on my feet while I'm getting off & I want Sovereign to experience the same pleasure.

First she runs her long pointy fingernails over my nylon ass and legs, it feels amazing and we get into a bit of a candid conversation before we start making out. Eventually I get Sovvy's soft nylon foot in my mouth & I lick, nibble, and suck while she presses her hitatchi up against her clit.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation, Long Fingernails, Pantyhose Masturbation

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9 minutes



Encased & Gagged
Featuring Star Nine

Addicted to the feel of nylon, I want it to cover my entire body. I begin by putting on a pair of colorful pantyhose. Then I produce a worn pair and enjoy the scent. I gag myself with it, stuffing one leg into my mouth and tying the other around my head in a cleave. I pull a nylon hood over, holding it all in place. Finally I add nylon to my torso and arms.

Satisfied, I pull out my hitatchi and put on a little show for you, making myself cum in my nylon cocoon. When I've had enough I pull the hood off, giving you a knowing smile.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Encasement, Pantyhose Masturbation, Dirty Pantyhose, Pantyhose Smelling, Solo Female

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Foot Worship Challenge
Featuring Star Nine

Star has put a lot of effort into training you and you've been eager to please. You can still remember the days when you weren't even allowed to taste your Goddesses' soft nylon feet. She's made it clear to you that displaying your arousal to her is unacceptable.

Today your Goddess has an unbelievably cruel challenge for you. You've done so well in the past, she thinks she deserves a reward for all the hard work she's put into training you. Star reaches for her hitatchi and orders you to worship her gorgeous hosed feet while she pleasures herself.

You're doomed to failure, there's no way you could possibly control your body in these circumstances. You try your hardest, but she notices the change in your breathing & the wet cum stain on the front of your pants. Will she ever session with you again?

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Slave Training, Pantyhose Domination, Foot Worship, Pantyhose Masturbation, Masturbation

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6 minutes



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