Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Pantyhose Play With Ela
Featuring Ela Darling & Star Nine

Ela and I do a hot tribbing, hitatchi grinding, girl/girl scene in our sheer pantyhose. After cumming a lot, we put the hitatchi aside and play with each other's hosed feet, licking, nibbling, and tickling.

Ela & I have amazing chemistry and it really comes across in this hot clip.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Tribbing, Girl/Girl, Footplay Tickling Sheer To Waist Pantyhose

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8 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Star has been in and out of school for so many years, so really has no concrete job experience to speak of. She is interviewing with Mr. Samuel, doing her best to pad her skills. It's not going very well, the strap of her tank top keeps falling down and it's obvious that she is nervous. She assures Mr. Samuel that she'd be happy with any basic, entry level, secretarial job. Several minutes in, Star notices Mr. Samuel's gaze, he's just staring at her, doesn't seem to really be listening anymore. She nervously crosses and uncrosses her legs, flashing him with her sheer pantyhose. All of a sudden, she's more confident, she knows how to land this job. Star removes her shoes, teasingly asking whether there's a dress code - she knows her short skirt and skimpy tank aren't exactly appropriate, but she'll be happy to shop if she gets the job and she does already always wear pantyhose. She never really wears underwear though, hopefully that won't be a problem? Star removes her clothes and poses in her sheer to waist suntan pantyhose, confident that she's definitely getting the job at this point.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Interviews, Office Domination, Shoeplay Secretary Suntan Pantyhose

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11 minutes



Encased Slave
Featuring Larkin Love & Star Nine

This wasn't quite what you were hoping for when you requested some nylon play for your session with Larkin & Star. You were hoping to worship their hosed Goddess feet. Instead, they've totally encased you in pantyhose and tied your arms to your thighs. You're effectively immobilized as you gaze up their long, hosed, legs to their large strap-on cocks.

When you first started visiting Larkin & Star, you filled out a very thorough check list. You didn't say "No" to penetration, was that an oversight? See, the great thing about pantyhose is that you can tear holes wherever they are needed.
Star tears a hole in your nylon hood and begins to warm you up, plunging her phallus into your mouth before Larkin moves in with her larger cock. They notice your cock getting hard under the nylon, perhaps this is what you had in mind after all? Once Larkin's cock is nice and wet with your saliva, she moves to tear another hole to access your ass.

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Includes Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Encasement, Strap-On Training, POV Femdom, Nylon Encasement, Double Domination

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The pantyhose Star wore in this clip are available for sale - email

6 minutes



You Never Let Me Play With Your Feet
Featuring Jezabel Knight & Star Nine

Star's girlfriend Jezabel has the nicest little feet & she always walks around the house in her pantyhose, showing them off. Finally unable to contain herself any longer, Star restrains Jezabel so that she can play with her feet.

Star alternates between massaging, worshipping & tickling her girlfriend's hosed feet - turns out the reason Jezabel was so resistant was that she's extremely ticklish!

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Includes Pantyhose Fetish, Bondage, Foot Worship, Colored Pantyhose, Tickling, Foot Play

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email

9 minutes



All The Right Scents
Featuring Star Nine

Watch Star prepare a pair of pantyhose for a customer. Working to get all the right scents in all the right places. First she jumps rope wearing pantyhose under gym shorts and athletic shoes. She removes the shoes to sniff her hosed feet, making sure that they smell strongly of her sweaty feet. Next she makes herself cum twice before pushing the gusset into her pussy to soak up the juices. Finally she uses the toilet, just lightly dabbing with paper before rubbing the pantyhose into her crack.

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Includes Pantyhose Fetish, Smell Fetish, Masturbation, Foot Smelling, Pantyhose Smelling, Orgasms

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7 minutes



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