Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Penelope Encased & Used
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed's first encasement! I cover her up in silky black pantyhose and wrap her legs up with shiny black duct tape. With her legs and wrists secured, My little encased slave girl is ready to use. I order her to press her wet tongue up against her nylon mask and teasingly remove My panties. she sticks her tongue out as far as she can as I ride her nylon face. After she's successfully pleasured Me I toy with her exposed nylon toes for a moment before cutting a hole in the perfect spot to tease her with a vibrator for My amusement.

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Includes nylon encasement, face sitting, lesbian domination, tape bondage, forced orgasms

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23 minutes



Pantyhose Lesbians Wanted
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey is interviewing Star for a position at her law firm. Their interview has gone well and now Alison just wants to cover a couple of key requirements regarding the company culture & the dress code. She comes around and sits on the front of the desk and looks deep into Star's eyes as she asks if she LOVES women. Star reads her intention and glides her manicured hands over Alison's pantyhose. She slips off her prospective boss' high heels and teasingly lifts her tiny feet up to her mouth.

Star & Alison are already halfway there from sensation of warm wet mouths on silky nylon when they come together, Star's nylon covered pussy rubbing on Alison's leg. They trib right there on Alison's desk. nylon against nylon until their pantyhose are wet with cum and Star is certain she's got the job.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, lesbian domination, tribbing, lesbian, office domination, foot worship

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14 minutes



Valentines Hotwife
Featuring Star Nine

Dressed all in red, the color of lust, I recap our first foray into hotwifing last night. It was a Valentine's Day dance and we had discussed everything beforehand, but you weren't expecting it to move so quickly. A really hot guy cut in front of you in line and when we reached the coat check he ate me up with his eyes. I was thinking about him all night, as we danced. Finally I decided it was time for your "present" and I went off to find him. He was all over me, dancing close, grinding his hard cock up against my skimpy outfit. At first I blew you kisses but soon I was completely engrossed in his confidence, in his body. A bouncer came over and I thought he was going to scold us but instead he led us up on stage and did we ever put on a show! You were watching through the crowd, unable to join us, as I covered him in kisses from my red lips and we danced so dirty, up there with everyone watching. His hands were all over me and I came up there in front of everyone. Later as we were leaving he cut in front of you again and we made out passionately, exchanging numbers.

Your cock throbs as you remember all the lurid details. As hard as you are, you're confused as to how you really feel. Where is the line between hotwifing & cuckolding? How afraid are you to lose me to such an obviously superior male? I tell you to breathe, to relax, blowing kisses and encouraging you to touch yourself, to jerk your hard cock while thinking of his hands on my body. Halfway through my phone rings, it's him & I take the call, not wanting to be rude. You watch with your cock in hand as I take selfies for him, completely forgetting about you.

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Includes hot wife, cuckold, kissing, stockings, costumes

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24 minutes



Imprinted For Release
Featuring Stella Liberty Star Nine

All these years of training, on your knees at My divine nylon feet. It's so easy for you to drop in now, to melt into this perfectly relaxed state where nothing matters, not even your erection. you're there now, kneeling before Me & Stella, transfixed by our dangling heels and nylon toes. Thoughtless, needless, selfless. Bliss. If only it were so easy to drop into this space on a normal day. What a priceless gift. The ability to turn off your mind and transform every pesky erection into instant blissful release. A gift you will happily pay endlessly for.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, double domination, orgasm control

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18 minutes



The Boss' Girl
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star approaches her boss, Chrissy Marie, for a raise. Chrissy is happy to accommodate, but she does have some very strange (and humiliating) conditions.

First Chrissy has Star agree to always follow the company dress code of wearing pantyhose (which she does), and also to always wear red toenail polish. Star agrees & Chrissy asks her to prove it. Star frowns and steps out of her high heels, showing Chrissy her red nail polish and pantyhose feet.

Next Chrissy instructs Star that she must admit to being "her girl" and always do what she asks. Star finds this humiliating, but she does really need the money so she agrees, having no idea where Chrissy might be going with this.

Finally Chrissy orders Star to her knees and has her begin polishing her high heels with her fingers. As Star reluctantly obeys, Chrissy begins to dangle her high heels and lets Star know that if her heel were to fall, Star would have to pick it up and sniff it Star balks at this & begs Chrissy not to let her heel fall, Chrissy reminds her of their agreement.

Of course the heel falls and Star winces as she audibly sniffs the worn high heel. Chrissy also rubs her stinky nylon foot all over Star's face before repeating the whole process on the other foot.

When she's finished Chrissy details the humiliating tasks that await "her girl" tomorrow.

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Includes foot smelling, pantyhose domination, foot fetish, foot domination, humiliation

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11 minutes



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