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Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Jay's Performance Review
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

A remastered full video of Performance Review 1 & 2 featuring Jay Taylor from 2014 at a reduced price

It's time for Jay Taylor's performance review. Star had high hopes for Jay when she hired her, but feels that she is now floundering. Perhaps Jay is more suited to working in a male dominated environment? She just doesn't seem to be taking the initiative. Star asks Jay how she would please a male boss, what she's done to get ahead in previous situations. Jay can't believe where this is going - her boss is really hitting on her! Once she grasps Star's needs she does her best to accommodate, eagerly sucking her nylon covered strap-on cock.

Star pulls Jay's pantyhose down and shows her just how serious she is. She slowly teases Jay's pussy with her tongue before adding her fingers, making her young employee cum.

Jay stops Star as she begins to dress, ready to show some initiative she tears her boss's pantyhose open and enthusiastically shows Star what she has learned, licking and sucking her boss's pussy.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, lesbian domination, strap-on, lesbian, office domination, pussy eating

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23 minutes



Catwoman's Latest Acquisition
Featuring Star Nine

Catwoman unrolls her latest acquisition - a priceless rug liberated from a luxury auction house. As the rug unfurls you tumble to the floor - she almost forgot about you,the silly security guard that she so easily neutralized. Whatever will she do with you? It'd be in your best interest to prove yourself useful, now that you've seen her lair.

She seductively frisks you, coming up with a pair of handcuffs & leg irons that she swiftly puts you in. She also discovers your hard cock and your pathetic toy taser. By applied the second to the former she gets you to spill every ounce of valuable information. Now you'll be alerting her to every priceless item coming up for auction. How lucky that she found a use for you, you would not have liked what was in store for you if she hadn't.

Now Catwoman seductively removes her boots and has you kiss each of her perfect ten toes. She instructs you to breath deep, her foot pheromones will keep you loyal.

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Includes super villain, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, boots, foot fetish, slave training

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13 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

This is what you've been training for. The whole point of edging, denial, orgasm control, chastity games. I've wrested control of your body away from your ego. you've broken your cycle of mindless masturbation and this is the reward. A transcendental state of pure pleasure, vibrating along with the universe as your body dissolves and your hard cock transforms into pure energy.

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Includes mesmerize, layered nylon, femdom pov, joi, goddess worship, masturbation instruction

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21 minutes



Slave Training 4: Chastity Instructions
Featuring Star Nine

you long to feel a connection, a sense of purpose & belonging. you've edged & denied, you've experienced the thrill of wearing My used pantyhose and now you're ready to continue your training by locking it up. This stage will probably come as a relief, taking the power to fail out of your hands completely. 2 more weeks of chastity. Just imagine the intensity when I finally allow you to cum again.

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Includes orgasm denial, femdom pov, slave training, pantyhose domination, goddess worship, chastity

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11 minutes



Sheathing Conversion Machine
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine investigates a mysterious building where normal women appear to be transformed into nylon loving lesbians. She was expecting to find some sort of intensive brainwashing operation, but the building is mostly empty. She comes to a door that reads "Sheathing Conversion Room". As she approaches she hears screams, then moans. Eventually the activity behind the door seems to cease & she is surprised when it creaks open. She tentatively steps into the empty room. The walls are labeled "Automatic Sheathing Conversion Unit". A table in the room is laid out with several pairs of shiny pantyhose.

Star has seen enough & goes to leave, but suddenly the machine activates. The door slams closed and Star is lifted up in the air by an invisible force. She struggles in the air as the machine strips her down to her pantyhose. Next the nylons float off the table towards her. She struggles but she is pinned in place as they pantyhose encase her legs and arms. Released to the floor she cries for help as the pantyhose sheathing works it's way up her thighs.

Finally her cries turn to moans of pleasure as she accepts her fate as the most recent convert.

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Includes magic control, transformation fetish, nylon encasement, damsel in distress, struggling, pantyhose

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15 minutes



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