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Programming Your Wife
Featuring Star Nine

you're a nosey slave and curious about whom I'm texting. It does concern you because you've been unable to submit completely to your Findom Mistress. Dangling black high heels off my nylon toes, I ask what's been holding you back from complete submission to ME.

your wife, that you love so much, can't give you what you need like I can. you need to give your money and possessions at my nylon feet.

It isn't unique that you're financially trapped in your marriage. your wife has been blocking your progress to being my good paypig. I'm more your soul mate because I make you feel more alive.

I own you and you belong to ME, so wifey will be out of the way and on board with what I want her to do. I messaged her and she was relieved. you could have manned up and told her, but you need so much sub training. She wanted to know about your secret life and she's learning how to be a trained fetish slut with bound orgasms.

It won't change your relationship because I'm not training her to be a good whore for you. I'm slut training her to serve and please me better than you do. As my new pet, she will hand over everything.

Are you jealous or scared that you are losing your excuses? you won't have control of those funds anymore and I will have control of everything.

Includes Goddess worship, financial domination, submissive/slave training, female domination, pantyhose/stockings

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15 minutes



Power Play
Featuring Star Nine

Why did it take so long to ask me out? I've been dropping hints since I started working here. Are you unused to reading cues? I'm not saying yes to a date, because I want to know what you really desire.

Shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my nylon feet, I ask if you normally get what you want. Did I influence your thoughts, or was this your idea? Are you triggered right now by my implanted suggestions?

Do you think that if you caress my nylon legs, I will want to fuck you? Putting my long legs on the table, I let you know that it will have to be MY suggestion.

you don't want to lose power as an alpha male and I'm part of your power play. you want my power rubbing off on you as we pretend to be a power couple. Fall under my manipulatrix spell and manipulations of your desires, as we play a game of tease and denial since I will never fuck you.

It's going to cost you. What's more important - money or power?

Includes financial domination, humiliation, mental domination, pantyhose domination, female domination

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17 minutes



Nylon Suit Test Session
Featuring Star Nine

This is a market research survey with unconventional product testing for these shiny black catsuits. It will be taped so my female assistants can review your responses to the sheer bodystocking that has remote control tightening to hug curves. It can be worn by men and women and I explain the differences while shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my nylon toes. Let's see if it has the desired effect on you.

When a woman wears a shiny bodystocking, she's expecting a sexual response that you are demonstrating with your hard cock. Strip down and get more comfortable in your own tight catsuit. The video from this session will never be exposed.

Show me how hard you're getting to this black nylon bodystocking. Is it my long legs or the sheer gusset that reveals a small patch of pubic hair and pussy? Or is it my nipples peeking through that makes you the horniest? Does bending over for an ass shot arouse you more?

Putting on my eye glasses, I encourage you to release some of that sexual tension while wearing your nylon catsuit. Let's test how the tight nylon feels against your skin using remote control tightening and pulsing against your hard member and throat. It makes you aware of your breath control but you agreed to run the full testing for the compensation.

Using a Hitachi Magic Wand on my nylon pussy, I have a masturbation challenge. Can you cum from your tight catsuit before I do with this Hitachi Wand? Focus on your hard dick and not the nylon sucking your life away from you. Don't worry about breathing and think about the bliss when you cum.

you didn't orgasm? Let's bump up the remote level and see you turn purple. Upping it again, I hear bones cracking and everything is going to rupture. I need to see you blow a huge load as I'm cumming.

Talking to my assistants, I'm amazed that level gets men every single time. What kind of warning label are we going to have to use? At least the nylon contains your remains like a body bag.

It makes me so horny, that I'm masturbating over your bulging eyes going lifeless.

Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, joi, female domination, cock tease

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20 minutes



Relap$e Therapy
Featuring Star Nine

It's funny that you used the word relapse because I was under the impression that you were too broke to serve your Findom Mistress. How long did it take before you missed sending me money?

Shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my reinforced toe pantyhose, I reinforce your need for insecurity. Being MY paypig makes you feel alive. In one shoe, I'm heel dangling and promising connection.

you need risk and can't give up your Findom Goddess. It must have been painful to stop serving and obeying your Money Goddess. I'm the most valuable thing in your pathetic life.

There's no point in having money if you are miserable. It's funny that you need permission to do what you want to do. Are you afraid of how good it's going to feel?

you weren't meant to live without your Money Mistress. Listen as my suntan pantyhose legs rub against each other. I want you to be making the same noise when wearing them.

I have a slave task to get you back in the pay pig habit. Don't fantasize or think. Just tribute and it will give you the rush you crave. Submit as my wiggling feet imprints the suggestion.

Includes Goddess worship, submissive/slave training, financial domination, mental domination, pantyhose domination

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21 minutes



Lesbian Pantyhose Tryst
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

I can help Arielle Lane take care of her sexual desires and my hands graze her black pantyhose legs. Leaning in for deep kisses, her long red nails pull me closer as we have intertwined legs. Climbing on top, we're dry humping. Pushing her down, she moans as we're tribbing.

Telling her to roll over, I'm stripping her black nylons, revealing her tight ass and wet pussy. I'm licking pussy and pussy fingering as she begs to cum.

As she scrambles to get redressed, she's embarrassed that she had lesbian sex. Her husband can't find out about her infidelity. I'm amused and masturbating as she runs off in shame.

I reconnect with her later, scolding her for leaving my sexual needs unmet. She nervously returns my kisses and secretly loves as I'm stripping her clothes as my hands dive beneath her shiny pantyhose. Finger sucking her pussy juices off my fingers proves she wants a good lesbian fucking.

Commanding her to satisfy me, she removes my classic black pumps for some pantyhose foot worship. Working her way up my nylon legs, she's pussy licking over my suntan pantyhose. She gives me a good orgasm, but I need more.

In the bedroom, I'm teasing her against the wall before pushing her on the bed. She likes the face down tribbing but I'm ready to teach her the joy of a large strapon. Pantyhose ripping reveals her hairy bush and I dive in for a taste before sliding my huge dildo inside.

She wants to cum from my big dick, but I want her to have some pussy control and stop so she can feel pussy to pussy grinding. Demanding sexual satisfaction I cum while facesitting. The oral servitude did the trick and with intertwined legs, I tell her we both deserve pounding orgasms!

Includes lesbian domination, tribadism, pantyhose domination, lesbian, strap-on

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34 minutes



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