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Collared Pantyhose Slave
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley kneels in the foyer in her slave uniform. Sheer black pantyhose. Large black ball gag. Posture collar. Her eyes are downcast as she waits in slave position 1 for her Master to come home.

Star enters and stares at her daughter in shock. She's been away for two months & apparently a lot has changed while she was away. She kneels to question her daughter. Ashley mumbles around the large gag in her mouth until Star takes it out.

Remaining on her knees, Ashley tells the story of how her father has turned her into a collared, pantyhose slave & bondage slut. How she's been made to walk the halls of school with inflatable plugs stretching her pussy and asshole. She lists off the new rules she must follow.

Concerned, Star asks her daughter if this is really what she wants her life to be like. Ashley shyly admits how wet she gets when she thinks about her slavery. How she soaks through her pantyhose in class, in a constant state of arousal, thinking about how she's been turned into a bondage slut at home.

Star asks what she should do with this information & Ashley begs to be allowed to cum. She's been denied for weeks. Star reaches down and feels her daughter's soaked pantyhose. Her demeanor changes as she admits this is no surprise, ordering her daughter to assume position 2. Ashley begs for release and Star slides her hand inside her wet pantyhose and plunges her fingers into her eager pussy. She allows Ashley to cum before letting her know that was the last request she will ever make now that she is a collared slave.

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Includes pantyhose domination, slave training, fingering, taboo, submissive sluts

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15 minutes



Regression Weapon
Featuring Star Nine

I love walking into a room with a secret weapon, I love to brag about it too. Especially in venture capital meetings. You sit across from me in the waiting room, ready to make your big pitch. You try not to let my confidence distract you. You have a secret weapon too, you think. Something you heard about on one of those 4 hour podcasts. You've been holding it in. Refraining from masturbation. You think you've stored up some power, some masculine energy. You thought not jerking off for a week would help you somehow, but after sharing your secret with me I point out that all that's going to happen is that you're going to walk into that board room with a raging erection after sitting in here with me and my legs. However are you going to hide that big bulge in your pants standing in front of all those important men?

No, your secret weapon is nothing like mine. Your raging erection isn't going to get you anything besides humiliation. I love these waiting rooms, the opportunity to do a little product demonstration before adding more venture capital dollars to my bottom line. See, my product is very similar to my secret weapon - pantyhose. I'll even let you borrow a pair if you want. Go on, take your pants off & try my method. Pull the silky pantyhose up over your legs - if nothing else they'll at least minimize that distracting bulge.

Of course, the pair that you're wearing is a different kind of weapon. While mine give me power, yours take yours away. The perfect weapon, reducing the mind of the wearer to a harmless, regressed state. Go ahead, lie down and forget all about the big, scary, money

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, female supremacy, femdom pov, magic control

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15 minutes



Goddess Transformation
Featuring Star Nine

Open your senses, quiet your mind, slip on a pair of My silky, shiny, delicately scented worn pantyhose and transform. Gaze down at long, sexy, nylon legs. Ignore your erection and feel instead the tight nylon pressing up between your legs. Experience the superior pleasure of female anatomy as you cross and uncross long toned legs, nylon toes curling in ecstasy. Feel limitless in your surrender to Me.

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Includes gender transformation, pantyhose, goddess worship, , transfer+fetish

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Pantyhose Infantilization 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Investigative reporter, Star Nine, returns to the scene of the crime. The place where she was overpowered, forced into special shiny pantyhose, and regressed to a mindless cumming infant.

She enters the room and picks up a pair of the special pantyhose. She is transported back to the pantyhose nursery as she recalls the fell of the nylon on her legs, the pacifier in her mouth, the sensation of mindlessly cumming over and over and over.

She realizes her mistake, but it's too late. Ashley Lane, the ring leader of this nefarious operation has been watching over her shoulder.

Ashley grabs Star and prevents her from leaving. Events begin to repeat themselves as Star is forcibly stripped down. She struggles as a pair of the special, shiny, pantyhose are pulled on over her head and tied behind her like a strait jacket.

She stands and backs away from the villain, but steps right into another pair of the regression pantyhose. Ashley slowly pulls them up her legs as Star protests. When the pantyhose are almost up, she stands back to gloat. She offers Star one last chance to free herself, to be an adult. To her horror, Star shouts out that she wants the regression to be complete!

Ashley pulls the pantyhose up the final few inches and Star instantly cums as they hit her hips. Helplessly regressed, Star eagerly accepts Ashley's pacifier and lies down on the floor, pumping her legs in their shiny pantyhose and moaning in pleasure.

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, struggling, nylon encasement, shiny pantyhose

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Hitwoman POV
Featuring Star Nine

What if I told you getting caught was part of the plan all along? You've sneaked up on me, your hands shaking, ready to defend your property. I face you and raise my hands, removing my grotesque nylon mask. You've "caught" me, but I'm sure we can work something out. Your defenses weaken as I strip down out of my black skirt and button down, revealing my tight body in shiny black pantyhose and a sexy bodysuit. Soon you're eagerly sitting close enough to touch as I disarm you further, putting on a sexy little show. Close enough to touch, what a deadly mistake.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, mind fuck, nylon mask

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