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Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Stress Management
Featuring Star Nine

you may think the Stress Management position you are interviewing for is all ergonomic chairs and healthy snacks in the break room, but that's not at all what I have in mind. My idea of stress relief is a bit more . . . physical. Confused? Don't worry, that's nothing that a hard kick in the balls can't fix.

Several brutal kicks later and you're gasping on the floor. your mouth conveniently open for My sweaty nylon feet.

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Includes ballbusting pov, pantyhose domination, office domination, foot domination, femdom pov

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12 minutes



Secret CEI
Featuring Star Nine

Look at you hiding, eking out the little windows of privacy, the places in your home where the doors lock and you can be alone for a moment. Alone with Me, free to fantasize about all those things you can't bring yourself to share with those around you. Go on, stroke. It's what you're here for. Tell Me your deepest darkest secrets as you lap up the hot cum from your hand, destroying the evidence. Coward.

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Includes cei, pantyhose domination, joi, goddess worship, femdom pov

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16 minutes



Worship for My Pleasure
Featuring Star Nine

So eager to please, always sticking around after meetings, trying to be helpful. Looking for a promotion. Poor pathetic man. you'll never get ahead in this company. you're just not smart enough to trust with any of our major projects. Simple tasks are all you're good for. Note taking. Making coffee. Now be a good secretary and pleasure your boss. Worship My feet, suck My long nylon toes. On your knees, servicing My feet with your tongue, your mouth. All that matters is My pleasure.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot domination, foot fetish, female supremacy, office domination

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14 minutes



Leather & Nylon Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

My tight lambskin gloves, nice, strong, supple & thick run over my sheer sexy nylon legs. A protective layer between My divine hands and anything they touch.

you've spent the past week dreaming of this moment, a full week of denial leading up to your final milking. Were you fantasizing about skin on skin? The brush of My hand on your undeserving cock?

Silly slave, you've missed the point of milking. It's not a sexual release for your gratification, it's merely a functional task to be performed before locking you up in your new, permanent, cage. The cage is so strong & so tight, there's no way it would slip on without first draining the balls.

My strong leather hand grips and squeezes your cock, mechanically draining your balls with no lube. Have you ever had a more frustrating orgasm? you'll be fantasizing about this moment for the rest of your life in chastity.

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Includes chastity, milking, leather gloves, pantyhose domination, gloves fetish

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13 minutes



Nurse Star Takes Your Balls
Featuring Star Nine

The male libido thrives on obstacles, once a certain degree of arousal occurs there is very little that the male won't agree to in the pursuit of his orgasm.

This is why I knew you wouldn't turn down my little offer, why you wouldn't ask me exactly what it was I wanted in return when you agreed to this exchange.

Your eyes on my white nurses uniform and pantyhose as I handed you the little cup told me all I needed to know about your level of commitment to your own gratification.

Of course the hot nurse will help you get your sperm into the cup. It'll just be between us. Of course you'll do a little favor for me in return.

It's like I was ready for this. I sit on the medical table with my shiny nylon legs crossed as I slowly unbutton my uniform, revealing sexy white lingerie.

It's only after you're rapidly stroking that I reveal my ask, your end of the bargain. Of course you're in no position to deny me.

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Includes nurse play, gelding, medical fetish, pantyhose domination, ball abuse

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10 minutes



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