Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Pantyhose Peek-a-boo
Featuring Star Nine

Something about Star catches your eye, something seems just a little strange & special. You can't put your finger on it. She catches you staring at her feet. Yes, she's wearing pantyhose under her jeans. She wears them every day, she likes them as much as you do. Star has something to show you, she lifts her shirt & tugs at the band of her pantyhose. She slides her pants to the floor. She tells you how the feeling of her pantyhose under her pants excites her, how the gusset smells of her at the end of the day. Don't you want to put your face right there, right between her legs, up against her tight, tight, pantyhose?

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Includes pantyhose under jeans, pantyhose worship, pantyhose fetish, pantyhose tease, masturbation instruction, nylons

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7 minutes



The Boss's Pantyhose
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

An A.R. TISTE production - background music throughout.
Star's boss is sick of Star's overly ambitious attitude. Tomiko calls Star into her office and threatens her with blackmail. Tomiko had better see a huge change in Star's attitude if she wants to keep her job & Star can start with worshiping her boss's pantyhose clad feet. As Star attends to Tomiko's feet, her boss unbuttons her blouse and begins to touch herself. After Tomiko cums, Star pulls away in disbelief & Tomiko orders her out of her office.

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Includes pantyhose orgasms, office domination, pantyhose fetish, foot worship, foot fetish, nylons

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10 minutes



Pantyhose Voyeur
Featuring Star Nine

You hide in Star's closet and watch her unwind after work. She takes off her dress slacks to reveal pantyhose underneath and stretches out on her bed. She massages her tired feet, running her hands all over her pantyhose. Her hands drift upward and she begins to touch herself through the hose. Her hands aren't enough and she brings out first the Hitatchi, then a dildo, then ANOTHER dildo until she is filled up tight inside with the pantyhose pressing against her tightly from the outside. You just watch from your hiding spot. Afterwards, Star removes the pantyhose, sniffs them, and rubs them up against herself.

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Includes pantyhose masturbation, anal, pantyhose fetish, masturbation, voyeur, nylons

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13 minutes



Your Stepmother's Pantyhose
Featuring Candle Boxx

What have you been doing with your Stepmother's dirty pantyhose? Candle found them in your secret hiding place. What do you do with them? Sniff them? Rub them on your little cock? Have you been sniffing the cotton panel to see what a real woman smells like? She's willing to humor you if you can make yourself cum while looking at her in her pantyhose. She'll even leave out a new pair for you every week if you can manage that. But if you fail, she'll tell your father.

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Includes pantyhose humiliation, taboo, pantyhose fetish, masturbation instruction, legs, nylons

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7 minutes



Pantyhose Threesome
Featuring Randy Moore & Star Nine

Randy and Star want to have a pantyhose threesome with you, so what are you waiting for? You know you have a pair of pantyhose lying around somewhere, so why don't you pull them over your big muscular legs so that you can slide your pantyhose all over ours. We want to feel your bulge through your pantyhose rubbing back and forth all over our silky smooth legs, sandwiched between our silky hosed asses. Touch yourself through your pantyhose, that's right, cum in your pantyhose with us.

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Includes pantyhose tribbing, lesbians, pantyhose masturbation, nylon worship, legs, nylons

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10 minutes



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